Monster Slayers PS4

PS4 Draws Deck-Building Roguelike ‘Monster Slayers’ Next Week

Publisher Digerati and Nerdook Productions have announced that Monster Slayers will be releasing next week on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PlayStation Vita release still TBD. Described as a roguelike deck-building adventure, the game was released back in 2017 on Steam and currently boasts an impressive Metacritic score of 86, which is even more amazing when you consider that Nerdook Productions is a one-man game developer.

Here is a bit about Monster Slayers from the press release sent out this morning.

Key Features

  • Battle undead goblins, lion outlaws, mighty dragons and other monstrous foes using a unique card-based combat system
  • Strategically shape your deck as you acquire new cards from merchants, treasure chests, and allies
  • Collect fame from each run to unlock new abilities that can be used by future heroes
  • Every playthrough is different: levels, enemy encounters and loot are randomly generated
  • 12 different character classes to choose from: Rogue, Ranger, Knight, Barbarian, Cleric, Wizard, Assassin, Beastmaster, Apothecary, Brute, Monk, and Necromancer
  • Recruit companions to join you on your quest and make use of their special abilities
  • Equip your hero with stat-boosting loot to improve the chances of victory
  • Beat the game to unlock the ultimate challenge: Legendary Mode
  • Inspired by the much-loved deck-building RPG, Dream Quest, created by Peter Whalen (Hearthstone)

Monster Slayers will launch on PS4 May 15 in NA, with the EU release on the following day, May 16. North American PS Plus subscribers able to take 20% off the game in its launch week. Are you planning to embark on a new adventure on the Monster Slayers PS4 release date next week?