Ace Combat 7 Demo Has A Lot of Satisfying Moments

That’s right, a playable demo of AC7 was shown and it was satisfying. Okay, go easy on the wise cracks. It’s a been a while since we heard about the Ace Combat 7. Evidently, the game’s development is progressing just fine. Szymon Radzewicz, a writer for the Polish publication Spider’s Web, attended a recent press event, where he had a chance to try out the Ace Combat 7 demo.

Just a quick reminder, folks, that Ace Combat 7 is one of Bandai Namco’s VR-powered games, which is scheduled to hit stores later during 2018, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Now, let’s get down to business. For now, it appears that the impressions were overall positive. The Ace Combat 7 demo was said to be fun and very interesting. The report (written in Polish) goes through various plot details quite briefly, describing two factions that are in conflict. Additional info was given about how the game works when you put that VR thingy on your head.

Old-school gameplay, a lot of satisfying moments and a great VR experience. In addition, there are various multiplayer modes, as well as online multiplayer and co-op on one screen.

It’s really cool to witness how new PS4 releases are making use of VR. When you think about it, Ace Combat 7 seems like the perfect game to push this particular gaming tech to its limits.

Check out last year’s Ace Combat 7 gameplay footage.

[Source: One Angry Gamer]