God of War Closes in on UK Chart Record After Five Weeks at Number One

Kratos and God of War can seemingly do no wrong at the moment. It’s already the highest-rated PS4 exclusive ever and now, after storming to the top of the UK Games Chart upon release, it’s showing no signs of losing its crown. In fact, God of War is heading for a record-breaking feat.

According to numbers obtained by Chart Track, God of War once again proves that deicide is pure money, as Kratos’ PS4 debut holds firm for the fifth week in a row. The game simply hasn’t budged from top spot since its release back in April.

The title even has another PlayStation classic in its sights. The Last of Us scooped up six successive weeks at numero uno – an accomplishment that hasn’t been managed before or since. Joel and Ellie, however, may have met their match when it comes to Santa Monica’s stellar Norse-filled outing.

If you thought God of Wars start – which saw it pick up 3 million sales inside the first three days of release – was impressive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The mark of a true classic is its longevity, and God of War has that in spades.

So, will Kratos hang on for six of the best? Detroit Become Human looks to be the latest from a litany of challengers that have tried and failed to steal God of War’s thunder to no avail. I’m not a betting man (ok, maybe I am), but I’d wager that God of War stands tall this time next week. That’s the Kratos way, after all.

[Source: Chart Track]