Rumor: PS4 Dominating NPD Hardware Sales, Outselling All Else

There really isn’t much to say when it comes of PS4 hardware sales, other than the PS4 is still top dog. That’s according to a thread posted at Resetera, which indicates that Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is indeed in the lead. Okay, first off, let’s have a look at the hardware relative sales volumes were:

  • PS4: 1.92
  • Switch: 1
  • XBox One: 0.79
  • 3DS: 0.41

This roughly translates to mean that in April 2018, the PS4 sold 326,000 unites, with the Switch at 171,000 units. The Xbox One falls just below the Switch at 132,000 units sold.

Here’s how the numbers breakdown on a year-over-year basis:

  • PS4: +58%
  • Switch: -39%
  • XBox One: +20%
  • 3DS: -3%

Evidently, software sales (digital not included), has seen games the following games at the very top of the chart:

  • God of War
  • Far Cry 5
  • Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Yes, as we all know, God of War has totally conquered video game sales ever since the big-budget hit stores. Meanwhile, we have to remember that during the upcoming year Sony revealed they expect hardware sales to drop, albeit game sales to counter-balance those figures as they rise.

“Sales are expected to be essentially flat year-on-year mainly due to an expected decrease in PS4 hardware sales and the impact of foreign exchange rates, substantially offset by an expected increase in PS4 software sales, including sales through the network. Operating income is expected to increase primarily due to the impact of the above-mentioned increase in PS4 software sales, partially offset by the impact of the above-mentioned decrease in PS4 hardware sales,” Sony said to investors about a month back.

Bear in mind folks, these are leaked stats that these are still not the official charts release by Sony or NPD, but it does seem like its fairly accurate and it gives us some idea of how the market looks like at the moment.