dead or alive evo showdown 2018

Koei Tecmo Announces Dead or Alive EVO Showdown 2018 Tournament

Koei Tecmo America has announced today that during the Evolution Championship Series (EVO for short) 2018, they will be holding a Dead or Alive EVO Showdown 2018 tournament. The tournament, which will feature Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, is a grand celebration of the DOA fighting franchise and will allow fans to meet other competitors, gain exclusive merch, and of course fight for the title of best DOA player.

The tournament will run from August 3 to August 5, the same dates as the actual fighting game tournament in Las Vegas. Koei Tecmo has revealed that players interested in participating will be able to register for the tournament at a later date, and while official prizes haven’t been announced just yet, the company stated that information is coming in the following weeks.

In a letter sent out alongside the news of the tournament, Yosuke Hayashi and Yohei Shimbori, the Producer and Director of the Dead or Alive 5 series respectively, revealed the news and said that even though the game is joining EVO via a side tournament, it’s something the studio has been hoping to happen for over 10 years. You can read the letter in full below:

“To the DEAD OR ALIVE fans and fighting game fans, thanks to you all we are proudly announcing that DOA5 Last Round will take part in the world’s largest fighting game festival EVO.
5 years have passed since the DOA5 series started and it’s been played by more than 10 million gamers. Meanwhile, the DOA community has expanded to become larger than ever before.
To proceed to the next stage, we announced the end of the DOA5 series in December, but to my surprise the gods of fighting games have given us another chance to let players enjoy this franchise at an event once more.
Though it’s a side tournament, the fact that DOA is joining EVO itself is key, and something which we have been longing for over 10 years.
So, I hope you will join and enjoy the show!”

Will you be at EVO 2018? Let us know if you’ll be trying to join this tournament in the comments!