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dragon ball fighterz twitch numbers

Dragon Ball FighterZ Got the Highest Twitch Numbers in Evo History

SonicFox is the hero of all fighting games.

windjammers evo tournament

Windjammers Flies into Evo, and There’s a Massive Sale to Celebrate

Throwing discs is now even cheaper.

evo 2018 lineup

EVO 2018 Schedule and Commentary Lineup Revealed

Where the brawlers come to brawl.

Deal or Alive 6 coming to EVO 2018

Playable Dead or Alive 6 Hits EVO 2018

Suitably hyped for this one.

dead or alive evo showdown 2018

Koei Tecmo Announces Dead or Alive EVO Showdown 2018 Tournament

More information coming in the following weeks.

Dragon Ball FIghterZ EVO 2018

Dragon Ball FIghterZ Confirmed for EVO 2018

The big debut for Bandai Namco’s fighter.

Evo 2018 Dates

EVO 2018 Dates and Location Revealed

Make sure to mark your calendars!