SEGA Genesis Classics Speedrun Tournament to Celebrate Collection Launch!

The SEGA Genesis Classics Collection is releasing next Tuesday, May 29, 2018. SEGA is doing a couple of things to celebrate the launch of this 50-game collection.

First, on Thursday May 24th, they will broadcast a mixer live from the Microsoft Flagship Store in New York City. They will also host a mixer-exclusive speedrunning tournament that day as part of their live broadcast. It will start at 3pm EDT on Thursday.

But wait, there’s more!

The speedrunning fun doesn’t stop there. On Friday, the SpeedGaming Twitch channel will host a SEGA Genesis Classics speedrun tournament that will run for the next five days until launch day. That fun will start on Friday at 5pm EDT.

On launch day itself, they plan to hold a bonus Mirror Mode speedrunning competition, because, as they so eloquently phrased it, “who doesn’t want to see some of the fastest gamers in the world going fast the wrong way ’round?”

I personally love speedrunning tournaments, so I will be thrilled to watch these talented folks shred games I never could complete in my childhood.

The SEGA Genesis Classics Collection contains 50 titles from the SEGA Genesis era, including Sonic the HedgehogStreets of Rage, ToeJam & EarlGolden AxePhantasy Star II, and so many more. It will release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 29, 2018.