New Hitman Announcement Teased for This Week

Something cool is about to happen in the world of Hitman, and IO Interactive is in full tease mode about it. On the series’ official Twitter page, a new Hitman announcement is being dangled in front of our faces like a delicious, yet murderous carrot.

The whole thing is a brief video of a blurry image. Some “Target Incoming” text in the usual Hitman font appears then is quickly replaced with “Access Denied // June 7, 2018.” That’s this coming Thursday of course, and the fanbase is alight with some very specific speculation that IO Interactive is about to drop a Hitman Season 2 announcement right in front of E3.

It stands to reason that this is definitely a big announcement. Typically, since IO Interactive went independent, the company has laid out its announcements in transparent detail, leading up to the recent release of Hitman GOTY Edition. Subsequent communications have largely been contract reactivations, as IO Interactive has worked to keep newer players in the loop.

It’s worth noting that publisher WB Games is also teasing something for June 7, and WB Games published Hitman GOTY Edition. However, IO Interactive is still independent, and the Hitman Twitter account hasn’t interacted with WB Games’ tease at all.

[Source: Hitman Twitter]