Blizzard Hiring for New Diablo Game

June 5, 2018Written by Bradley Russell

new diablo game

Job openings really are the devil’s work, aren’t they? If they’re not taunting you with their ‘promise’ of barely minimum wage with a requirement of half-a-billion years experience in your chosen field, they’re teasing new games. In this case, a resurfacing of something once-known but long buried: new Diablo game. Blizzard are hiring, and it appears we’ll be getting ready to crawl through the depths of Hell yet again real soon.

Judging by the Blizzard Careers site, the developers are hiring for ten roles, ranging from the typical stuff: VFX Artist, to the downright wild: Dungeon Artist. In fact, the core makeup of a development team has job openings available, on both production and design alike. That would indicate that they’re about to ramp up production on the as-yet-announced project fairly soon.

Having said that, Blizzard are still on the hunt for a Creative Director for the new Diablo game, nothing’s changed there. While that puts fears to rest of it being a re-master or remake (this looks like it’s going to a fresh experience, folks), we may be some way off of seeing any Diablo action anytime soon. So, don’t go expecting a shock reveal with the looming shadow of E3 2018 appearing just around the corner.

With Diablo 3 being nearly half-a-decade (!) old already, it only makes sense for Blizzard to start getting to work on a proper next-gen Diablo experience. Whether we’ll be able to see Blizzard’s legendary loot-’em-up sneak in before, say, the PlayStation 5 is anyone’s guess, but it sure is exciting to see what they’ll come up with next.

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