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diablo 3 anniversary event 2019

The Retro Diablo III Event Returns for Another Year

Start off the new year by embracing the past.

blizzard business sctructure

Report: Blizzard Spent 2018 Cutting Costs

Are these changes due to Activision, or is Blizzard hurting for resources?

Diablo 4

Blizzard Promises to Reveal More Diablo Projects Over the Next Year

Blizzard can’t seem to catch a break.

Diablo 3 Leah Origin story

A Little Look at Lore: Leah’s Origin Story – Diablo III: The Order

Alas, poor Leah. We hardly knew her, Horatio.

diablo immortal

Blizzard ‘Feels Fortunate’ to Have Passionate Diablo Fans, Says It’s an Important ‘Tent Pole’ Franchise

This is in response to the recent Diablo: Immortal backlash.

Blizzard Entertainment Games

Blizzard’s Allen Adham Claims 50% of Prospective Blizzard Games Get Put to Rest

Taking “kill your darlings” to new heights.

Blizzard Upcoming Projects

Blizzard Co-Founder Allen Adham Confirms New Projects Are in Development at Blizzard

Words that are arguably better than BlizzCon 2018’s announcements.

Diablo 4

Report: Blizzard Originally Planned to Announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2018

BlizzCon 2018 could have been received quite differently.

blizzard diablo comments

Blizzard Released a Statement on the BlizzCon 2018 Diablo Rumors

The Diablo drama is real.

diablo reign of terror

No, Diablo ‘Reign of Terror’ Isn’t a New Game or Content

It’s just gear that’ll be available at BlizzCon.

diablo 3 cross-play

Blizzard Is Working on Cross-Play for Diablo III (Update: Blizzard Says There Are No Plans to Implement it at This Time)

PS4, Switch, and Xbox One players may explore the dungeon crawler together.

Diablo Reign of Terror Seemingly Leaked via Blizzard Gear Store

Mainline, remaster, bundle, mobile, or nothing at all?

New Diablo Game

BlizzCon 2018 Could See Some Diablo Announcements

Either way BlizzCon’s looking good.

BlizzCon 2018 Schedule

The BlizzCon 2018 Schedule Is Here and Full of Behind the Scenes Moments

Celebrating and learning about all things Blizzard.

diablo netflix show

Rumor Suggests a Diablo Animated Series May be Coming to Netflix

Demon-fighting, coming soon to a streaming service near you.

blizzard gamescom 2018

Blizzard Announces gamescom 2018 Presentation, Teases New Overwatch Content

All the usual suspects are here.

multiple diablo projects

Blizzard Has ‘Multiple Diablo Projects’ in the Works

A new Diablo spin-off? Diablo 4?

diablo comic

Blizzard and Titan Comics Announce Diablo Comic Book Series

It’ll be out this year.

new diablo game

Blizzard Hiring for New Diablo Game

I call dibs on Dungeon Artist.