Diablo 4 Beta PS5 PS4 Server Slam May 2023

New Diablo 4 Beta for PS5 and PS4, Start Date and End Time Revealed

Blizzard has unveiled a new Diablo 4 beta dubbed “Server Slam” for PS5 and PS4. That’s right, you won’t need to eat any KFC sandwiches this time. The start date and time for this upcoming beta is Friday, May 12 at 12 pm PDT, while the end date and time is Sunday, May 14 at 12 pm PDT. The pre-load will start on May 10 at 12 pm PDT / 3 pm EDT, so you can download it early.

Diablo 4 “Server Slam” beta will make Ashava world boss harder to beat

As the name of the beta suggests, it will primarily stress test cross-play and cross-progression across PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. This will surely help Activision Blizzard in making sure that it has enough servers at launch when it arrives on June 6 to reduce as many login errors as possible.

This new Diablo 4 beta will feature the Prologue and the entirety of Act I, allowing players to try five classes up to Level 20: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer. All character progress from the prior Early Access and Open Beta weekend will not carry over to this beta, nor will any progression from this beta be carried over to the full release. The drop rate for Legendary items will be in line with how it will be in the final game.

Because characters can’t go past Level 20 in this playtest, defeating the Ashava world boss will be quite difficult. This behemoth will appear on May 13 at 9 AM PDT and every 3 hours thereafter until May 14 at 9 AM PDT. Killing her will give you the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy, which will carry over to the main game.