Diablo 4 PS5 Beta

Diablo 4 PS5 Beta Experiencing Long Queues and Error Codes

Players are having a hard time getting into the Diablo 4 PS5 beta, with many reporting long queues with wait times of an hour or longer. On top of that, the Diablo 4 beta has been kicking out players with several error codes. While long wait times are to be expected with a popular beta like this at launch, many who pre-ordered the game (or purchased a KFC sandwich) to enter the Early Access beta feel that Blizzard should have called this a stress test.

Blizzard is aware of the Diablo 4 PS5 beta issues

The list of issues with the Diablo 4 PS5 beta are numerous. The queues are incredibly long, with one user on Twitter showing a wait time of over one and a half hours and another player on the Blizzard support forums stating much the same. In fact, the support forums are full of threads with players having trouble logging into the beta, regardless of the platform.

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One pervasive issue has been players waiting the full amount of time shown on the queue screen, only to be kicked into yet another queue. According to one Reddit post, Blizzard knows that the timer may “go beyond the duration listed” and that there will be “more accurate timers in place for Open Beta Weekend.”

Players have also been hit with crashes and several errors, specifically codes 300008 and 300202, in addition to authentication errors and log-in issues. Blizzard’s customer service support are currently aware of the issues with the authentication servers, which ae resulting “in failed or slow login attempts.”