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Diablo 4 DLC Details Potentially Leaked for First Expansion

Blizzard developers appear to have accidentally leaked an alpha build of Diablo 4’s first expansion. The game files were encrypted, preventing hackers from creating a pirated version of DLC. However, the leak revealed new information about the unannounced expansion.

Diablo 4: Lord of Hatred DLC Leaked

Diablo 4’s first expansion appears to be called Lord of Hatred and will see the return of the demon lord Mephisto. Appearing as an antagonist in Diablo 2, Mephisto, The Lord of Hatred, is one of the setting’s most powerful demons. He’s the oldest of the three Prime Evils, alongside Diablo and Ball, and the father of Diablo 4 antagonist Lilith. The player killed Mephisto in Diablo 2. Meanwhile, Diablo 4 players find him trapped in a Soulstone at the end of its main story. The DLC will likely see Mephisto attempting to escape his magical prison.

The new adventure will bring players to the city of Kurast, which players visited in Diablo 2. The capital city of the ancient Kehjistan Empire and the hub of Mephisto’s influence in Sanctuary during Diablo 2. The files refer to multiple locations in the city, including the Temple City of Travincal, also from Diablo 2.

In addition to continuing the story and expanding the map, Lord of Hatred introduces a new class to Diablo 4. Called the Spiritborn, they seem to be a priest-like class who draws power from nature gods. It also appears that the Spiritborn may be able to fly. The leak also contains files for several Mercenary characters. While these may just be new enemies, its player might be able to hire them in the new DLC.

Other new features appear to include multiplayer raids and raid bosses. The file names also reference Runestones, a cut mechanic that may come back in Diablo 4’s DLC.