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Blizzard Promises Fix for Diablo 4’s Accidental Battle Pass Purchases

Blizzard Entertainment has promised a fix for a glaring design issue in Diablo 4 that has resulted in a number of players accidentally purchasing the Premium Battle Pass. The issue — which mainly impacts console players — was highlighted just as Blizzard finished apologizing for a patch that was heavily criticized by players.

Diablo 4 players prompted to purchase Premium Battle Pass by default

As pointed out by streamer Rurikhan, the button to purchase the $9.99 Battle Pass sits close to the button that players press to check their Season Journey. What’s more is that Diablo 4’s cursor defaults to the Premium Pass button, and the game doesn’t ask players for purchase confirmation if they accidentally activate it.

Rurikhan demonstrated the issue in a clip posted on Twitter, which quickly garnered criticism of Blizzard for deploying a “dark pattern.”

The thread caught the attention of Diablo’s global community development director, Adam Fletcher, who said that a temporary fix is already in the works as Blizzard works to resolve the problem.

The temporary fix will ensure that Diablo 4’s cursor doesn’t default to the ‘Activate Premium Battle Pass’ option. Fletcher didn’t say whether those who accidentally purchased the Battle Pass will be refunded or not.