Bandai Namco’s My Hero One’s Justice Gets New Game Modes

If you want information about the latest Bandai Namco games, it seems WEEKLY JUMP, a Japanese shōnen manga anthology, is the place to look. This time, the latest issue of the weekly series has provided information about My Hero One’s Justice, further detailing the game’s modes of play. According to Gematsu, there are currently four modes of play (it’s unclear if there will be more): Story Mode, Villain Mode, Character Customization, and Online Battles. Story Mode is just as it sounds: you play through a set of story battles that start with Izuku Midoriya and Gran Torino’s first meeting, with certain story developments being unique to the game. Villain Mode is the same as Story Mode, just from the perspective of My Hero Academia‘s villains. The last two, Character Customization and Online Battles, are self-explanatory.

My Hero One’s Justice is based on the widely popular shōnen anime and manga, My Hero Academia, written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi (BARRAGE, Ōmagadoki Zoo.). Beginning its manga run in 2014, My Hero Academia follows a boy named Izuku Midoriya who happens to be born without superpowers (called a “quirk”). No big deal, except everyone else in this universe is born with them, so of course, Izuku stands out as the quirkless freak. Despite being a normal kid—something we all craved in our youth—Izuku, knowing he can’t be a superhero without superpowers, chases the dream of becoming the world’s greatest superhero. Very much Naruto Uzumaki.

My Hero One’s Justice is scheduled to launch on August 23, 2018, in Japan—the European and North American release date haven’t been confirmed yet—and will be available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.