God of War Sequel Hints Continue, Barlog Talks Choices

Ever since we took that first step into the Nordic-themed action adventure, we were captivated. God of War is not only Sony’s no. 1 platform seller, but it also is one of the hottest titles on the video game market right now. It’s safe to assume people are going to want a God of War sequel and pronto.

For the moment, we do not have any info or media that a brand new God of War game is actually in the making. What we do keep reading, on the other hand, are reports, ambitions and whispers of people who were involved with the production of the original. We already heard that the next God of War game will be bigger and longer.

Today though, game director Cory Barlog discussed how they have handled some of the challenges when creating such a massive game. He also describes how the team means to handle upcoming projects, and how he approaches writing. Also, he did say that the choices you make as a player in the original God of War, will affect the story in the God of War sequel.

“Every one of those things is a part of the whole tapestry, they are critical to propping up the whole story,” said Barlog, when speaking about God of War in general, “We are putting a lot of pieces in motion, and when going into the second one, all those pieces are leading into the whole. The whole is a very complex story, that I am trying to figure out how to break down into the simplest elements, so you can push through it with a clear understanding of what your goal is.”

I will be honest here. Even if I still haven’t finished the first game, all this talk of a God of War sequel is immensely exciting. Share your experiences with the game and thoughts on the sequel in the comments below.

[Source: VGR]