Phantom Doctrine Announced for PlayStation 4

Good Shepherd Entertainment and CreativeForge Games have announced a new Phantom Doctrine PS4 release, as well as launched a new story trailer just in time for E3 2018. Phantom Doctrine, previously a PC-only release, is a turn-based, tactics game set in an alternate history version of the Cold War.

Players in Phantom Doctrine are part of The Cabal, a secret resistance organization fighting back against a global takeover conspiracy. As The Cabal operates in the background, players will work to build a base of operations, investigate cases, train agents, forge documents and identities, research new technology, and interrogate and brainwash enemies.

The new story trailer introduces the scenario, attributing several major events to the Beholder Initiative, and showing The Cabal going to great lengths in order to defeat the enemy. Gameplay is also shown, which looks a lot like a more grounded and grungy take on the modern XCOM style.

Campaign missions in Phantom Doctrine will allow player choice to impact the outcome: for example, you can drop your operatives into the field armed to the teeth and ready for violence, or you can opt for a quieter, cleaner, stealth approach.

Phantom Doctrine is expected to release in 2018, although more detailed release information isn’t available. In addition to PC and PS4, Phantom Doctrine is also planned for release on Xbox One.