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E3 2018: Killing Floor 2 Update The Summer Sideshow Announced

At the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show, Tripwire Interactive announced a new Killing Floor 2 update, coming to both consoles and PC starting today. The update is called The Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies, and adds new weapons, features, bosses, maps, and somehow more to the game.

Per a press release, the nitty gritty of the update is as follows:

New Map: Airship
  • Help Lockhart reach his home island on the command airship by completing a series of increasingly challenging objectives
New Community Map: Endless Lockdown
  • Players can look forward to seeing this fan-made community favorite map officially available for the first time in KILLING FLOOR 2
New Weapons
  • M99 AMR Sniper Rifle for Sharpshooter
  • Static Strikers for Berserker
  • Doomstick for Support
  • Goreshiv Survivalist Knife
Weapon Upgrade System
  • Upgrade any weapon!
  • Players can now take any of their favorite weapons and make them viable for late-game play
Prestige System
  • Players can reset their perk after reaching perk level 25 to get exclusive weapon skin for their perk along with vault dosh rewards
Mrs. Foster
  • A totally new playable character DLC with her own voice which is localized in all supported languages

  • English voice done by the talented Claudia Black!

Along with the bulleted items, new music, achievements, and quality of life improvements are coming to Killing Floor 2 as well.