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E3 2018: Little Dragons Café Release Date Revealed

Today, publisher and co-developer Aksys Games revealed the release date for Little Dragons Café, the newest game from Harvest Moon figurehead Yasuhiro Wada. Little Dragons Café is set to launch on August 24, several days before its Japanese launch, previously announced for August 30.

In Little Dragons Café, a pair of siblings running a café discover their mother has fallen ill. A mysterious old man tells them the key to saving her is raising a dragon somehow. So, while still running the café along with their trusty employees, the brother and sister must also take care of a mythical creature and figure out how the whole “dragon = cure” thing works.

Yasuhiro Wada has made quite a name for himself, being involved with classics such as Harvest Moon (originally Bokujo Monogatari, now localized as Story of Seasons due to rights issues with Natsume), Deadly Premonition, and Birthdays the Beginning. He even briefly worked at Grasshopper Manufacture and was involved with No More Heroes.

Leading up to its release, Aksys has already announced a Limited Edition for this game, which includes a 17-track soundtrack CD, 18 character cards, and a plush version of the titular little dragon. That set will cost $79.99. Little Dragons Café will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

[Source: Gematsu]