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Telltale Announces Stranger Things Game

After some faucets got a little leaky at E3 2018, Telltale has quickly confirmed the existence of its next game – a new title based on Netflix’s very popular Stranger Things series. Reportedly, the game was originally meant to accompany the show’s second season, but plans were delayed.

There’s nothing else to go on yet, as Telltale somewhat hurriedly confirmed the news on its Twitter account during E3 today. The news was piggybacked onto a story about Netflix and Telltale partnering to bring another game, Minecraft: Story Mode, to Netflix’s line of interactive stories. Stranger Things was confirmed as a separate entity, coming to traditional gaming platforms like the company’s previous works.

Telltale stated the company is proud of its new partnership with Netflix, and that more details will come later in the year. A separate source states the game is part of a deal similar to the Game of Thrones deal with HBO, which means it will be tied into the canon somehow, with characters from the show making appearances. There’s no official confirmation tied to that though, so take that information with a grain of salt for now.

Stranger Things, inspired by the likes of Stephen King and other 1980s pop culture, debuted on Netflix in 2016. It took off as quickly as is appeared, and a second season ran in 2017. A third season is currently in production.

[Source: Telltale Games via Twitter]