Statistics Show Most Console Gamers Prefer Physical Games

June 19, 2018Written by Brianna Reeves

physical game copies

Without a doubt, we are quickly moving towards a digital-only future. Thus, most mediums of entertainment are adapting accordingly. Few people still buy physical copies of a desired album; streaming directly to a handheld device that’s always on your person is far too enticing. Change is likely on the horizon for the way in which we view movies, too. Games, of course, are also helping lead the charge. Or so we thought. An analyst’s report suggests most gamers of the console variety aren’t yet ready to give up on physical media.

Nielsen’s Games 360 report for 2018 asked gamers age 13 and up how much time they devote to gaming on a weekly basis. Another inquiry requested information regarding how much money these same players spend on games monthly. These stats were then divided according to a gamer’s primary platform of choice and their preference of either physical or digital games. The report reveals that 66% of gamers prefer physical media on consoles. Meanwhile, only 29% of PC players prefer to purchase physical copies of games.

gamers prefer physical

The difference is massive, but does not surprise. Console storage space, for a device’s base model sans hard drive upgrades, is certainly one leading cause to physical media’s appeal. Internet speeds may play a part as well, since digital downloads in some areas can take hours to complete if an internet connection isn’t ideal. However, a simple desire to physically own a game may offer another explanation. Regardless of production costs, physical media may stick around a little longer than predicted.

[Source via Gamasutra]