Oddworld Soulstorm

New Oddworld Soulstorm Concept Art Glimpsed in Unity Video

First Necrum Mines, now Unite Berlin?! That Abe guy is popping up everywhere these days, as we got a fresh look at Oddworld Soulstorm, the re imagining of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus that’s heading our way in 2019. Not only did the Unite video, which you can see above, give us some much-needed extended time with our Mudokon pals, it may just tease some changes to the adaptation of Exoddus, too.

Lorne Lanning, president of Oddworld Inhabitants, introduces himself as the video opens; it’s all very sleek but is quickly supplanted by the nitty-gritty of the Oddworld Soulstorm concept art. We’re given a shot of Abe (duh), as well as his friend Alf, who may yet take on a larger role in the game.

It’s the reference to a ‘Projekt Soulstorm’ that really catches the eye, however. Lanning has previously promised a new story away from the confines of a 1:1 Exoddus remake, and this might just be the biggest change hinted at yet. Projekt Soulstorm is a wholly new concept, and may introduce us to some of the seedier elements of the Magog Cartel, as well as the Glukkons that run Rupture Farms and make Abe’s species a living hell.

One thing is for certain judging by the concept art: the game is going to be a looker. While New ‘n Tasty may have scratched an itch, a brand-new(ish) adventure with bespoke landscapes and environments could be what propels Abe back into the limelight.