Epic Games Wants to Alter the Fortnite Endgame

The Fortnite endgame has problems. You know it, I know it, and Epic Games knows it. Fortnite Battle Royale continues to take over the entire planet, attracting players on various platforms and with myriad skill levels. It makes sense that not everyone who makes it to the last five or so players wants to shift from running and shooting to playing Battle Jenga. Epic knows that, having made a few changes to address the issue, and plans to keep making more.

In a new blog post, Epic Games talked about how Fortnite is constantly evolving by design, and part of that design, in addition to adding new content, is supporting multiple kinds of play styles. That means endgame viability, and that’s exactly what’s on the menu here. In bold typeface, Epic states, “we strongly believe that the evolution of Fortnite supports a wide range of play styles and counterplay.” Epic specifically points to shotguns, rocket launchers, and tower-building as problems.

Currently, Epic is looking at making balance changes to certain weapons, and even implementing resource caps to limit players’ building capacity. The company hasn’t announced anything solid, just the end goal of its current research and development. Basically, we all want to see people get wins in different ways, not just firing volleys across towers.

[Source: Epic Games]