Famitsu: Devil May Cry 5 75% Done, New Plot Details

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu drops a few new bombs with respect to Dante and Nero’s latest adventure, including a neat hint at how likely it is to make its March 2019 release date. According to the team at Capcom, Devil May Cry 5 is 75% done, suggesting the game leaked so thoroughly before its announcement because of how far along it is. That’s pretty good news in a year full of delays.

In addition to that, the magazine also provided a few new, albeit vague, plot details. For one, while the new villain hasn’t been introduced, they are being sold as the most powerful foe the “Devil Hunters” have ever faced. Sure that sounds like an obvious detail, but it’s cool on paper. Famitsu also says the game’s events are propelled by both mysterious happenings in the demon world, and Nero being on a mission to reclaim something he lost. Also, before heading to the city during the events shown in the trailer, Dante left someone behind. That’s likely relevant to the yet to be revealed third playable character.

The article then states more details about Devil May Cry 5 will come later this summer. This likely refers to a separate confirmation that the first playable demo is set to drop this August at Gamescom, which will certainly be surrounded by tons of new information.

[Source: Gearnuke]