Dying Light 2’s Frame Rate is a Priority for Developer Techland

While the event was largely predictable, a few surprising things did come out of E3 2018, like the spontaneous announcement and subsequent release of Coldwood Interactive’s puzzle-platformer, Unravel 2. During Microsoft’s briefing, Polish studio Techland (developers of Call of Juarez and Dead Island) took to the stage to announce a sequel to its open-world, first-person zombie survival game, Dying Light. Now in an interview with WCCFTech, Lead Designer Tymon Smektala discussed why 60 frames per second gameplay is more important to Dying Light 2 than 4K visual fidelity.

“The most important [thing] for us is the fluidity of movement because it’s a parkour game,” said Smektala. “You really have to be immersed in how you move through the city, so 60fps is more important to us than 4K.” This isn’t surprising to hear, considering that Dying Light is predicated on the fluidity of movement and the smoothness (and, by extension, ease and flow) of transitioning while climbing. Latency, the delay of on-screen action after an external input has been registered, could cause Dying Light 2 to be frustrating, so it’s good to hear that frame rate is prioritized over graphics in an industry so obsessed with a product’s visual quality. However, just because 60 frames per second is the target doesn’t mean Techland isn’t going to optimize. “But, we still have a year to optimize, and we have real wizards when it comes to optimization, so perhaps we’ll deliver both 4K and 60fps,” Smektala concluded. Whether 4K or not, as long as the game hits a consistent 60fps, Dying Light 2 should be an enjoyable experience to fans of the franchise and newcomers to this entry.

Dying Light 2 is slated to release sometime next year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you missed it, watch the E3 2018 announcement trailer above.

[Source: WCCFTech]