Anthem is the ‘Biggest Thing We’ve Done’ Reveals BioWare

If your hopes were already sky-high for Anthem, BioWare’s online multiplayer RPG heading our way for 2019, then this news is bound to push you into the stratosphere. If you’re not that enthused but still have fond memories of some of the development team’s previous efforts then you may want to listen in, too: Anthem is Bioware’s biggest game ever.

During an interview with Game Informer (which you can watch in full above), Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah lays out the sheer scope of the new BioWare title.

‘This is the biggest thing we’ve done. This is the biggest team we’ve ever had, so it’s scary for sure,” Darrah admits when asked whether developing Anthem was a scary proposition.

Let’s just think about that for a moment. Sure, it’s an online game so it must be big but, still, we’re looking at a title bigger than any Mass Effect or Dragon Age game, and they were no shrinking violets in terms of scale themselves. It’s clear that Bioware feel under pressure to give us an experience unlike any other they’ve presented us with before. They’re master world-builders and, with the team just talking big, big, big, we might be getting the biggest, best setting yet, all wrapped up in a killer gameplay style.

[Source: Game Informer]