tetris effect zone mode

Tetris Effect Includes Zone Mode, Allowing Players to Freeze Time and Fix Mistakes

After revealing Tetris Effect earlier this month, Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Enhance Games have been a bit tight-lipped regarding it. However, more information has come to light today courtesy of another post on the PlayStation Blog. In it, it’s revealed that the upcoming Tetris game will add a new strategic layer to the core Tetris experience in the form of a new “Zone” mechanic.

When players are able to get their hands on the game, they’ll find that the Zone mechanic adds a new way for fans to experience Tetris. As you clear lines in Tetris Effect, you’ll build up a meter in the bottom-left corner of the playfield. Once you have enough of the meter filled, players will be able to “Enter the Zone.” Much like it sounds like, once entering the zone, time will freeze and the falling blocks at the top of the screen will not move until you decide to move them.

Obviously, the best use for something like this is to get yourself out of a jam if you’re late into the game. However, it still adds some strategic twists to the game, as players will get bonus points for clearing lines in Zone mode at the cost of the lines not counting toward your progress to the next level. This allows players to potentially stretch out levels as long as they want but can set them up for failure if things get too hectic. Still, it’s nice to see that the folks at Enhance Games are trying to spice up a game that’s been around for as long as Tetris has.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]