Watch A Tetris Expert Absolutely Dominate PS4 Tetris Effect

The original Tetris launched on June 6, 1984, and since then, there have been upwards of 50+ Tetris games that have been released through the years on just about every single platform under the sun. And one of the latest entries in the tile-matching, puzzle game, Tetris Effect, was completely and utterly demolished by what can only be considered a Tetris God. If not a “god,” then an “expert” for sure, as this player achieved the coveted “Decahexatris,” a full 16-line clear in Tetris.

According to Trey Harrison – the Tetris God referred to earlier – “I got addicted to Tetris in the late 80s because I was determined to win the 1990 Nintendo World Championship.” The first ever Nintendo World Championships (NWC) was held on March 8, 1990, and was based on an extremely limited NES cartridge of the same name. Though Trey Harrison didn’t win the championship – Thor Aackerlund took first place, Jeff Hansen took second, and Robert Whiteman finished in third – he did continue to play Tetris, as seen in the high-level Tetris Effect play shown viewed above.

In the video, you can see Trey adjusting to the PlayStation 4 controller, as this is his first time interacting with Sony’s current console. It doesn’t take long for Trey to find his rhythm and demolish Tetris Effect. He doesn’t achieve the “Decahexatris” with the PlayStation 4’s Dualshock 4, but before the demo comes to an end, Trey questions whether he’ll have the opportunity to play the PlayStation VR version of the game. On goes the headset and, again, after a brief adjustment period, Trey finds his rhythm and demolishes Tetris Effect – again. And this time, he scores that sweet “Decahexatris.”

Tetris Effect will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR sometime later this year.

[Source via Reddit]