We’re all Together in This Life as Tetris Effect: Connected Brings Multiplayer in Free Summer 2021 Update

Tetris Effect is one of the best games of the PlayStation 4 generation, full stop. A mesmerizing combination of sight, sound, and virtual reality, the only thing that most fans and critics knocked the award-winning puzzle game for was a lack of multiplayer, a decades-long Tetris tradition. That tradition will continue (eventually) for PlayStation 4 fans with the free Tetris Effect: Connected update coming summer 2021 will bring multiplayer shenanigans to the shores of Tetris, but not before the Xbox and PC crowd get a small window of exclusivity for the update. Announced today during the Microsoft Xbox Series X Games Showcase, the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC version of the game will release on holiday 2020. Here’s the trailer, and excuse me while I try not to openly weep while hearing the lyrics to “I’m Yours Forever.”

Game publisher Enhance is calling Connected the “the 2.0 version of Tetris Effect,” and the description appears apt as the update brings some upgraded visuals along with the obviously new multiplayer component shown off in the trailer. The new additions to the game include co-op as well as competitive multiplayer. Up to three local or online players can join in on the block-moving action, but it can also be played with computer-controlled partners. The competitive modes see two players able to go at it in local and online ranked and unranked modes, and the Xbox and PC versions will feature cross-play with one another. No word right now on the inclusion of PS4 (or PSVR, for that matter) in that equation.

Coming from a once-PlayStation exclusive, it’s a bit odd to see Microsoft getting the timed exclusivity window for the update. With any hope, this means fans can expect an enhanced PS5 version to make an appearance at this time next year and the whole conversation will be moot. Until then I’ll just continue to jam on the soundtrack and consider breaking my PSVR out of its hibernation for another Tetris Effect go-around.

Tetris Effect: Connected coming as a free update to Tetris Effect in summer 2021.