PSVR 2 Not Backwards Compatible

PSVR 2 Game Dev is ‘Happy’ About It Not Being Backwards Compatible

PSVR 2 will not be backwards compatible with PSVR games, and while this has upset a lot of players, one developer, in particular, is happy about this. Mark MacDonald, producer at the developer behind Tetris Effect: Connected and Rez Infinite, says this is because it gives the team “the excuse we needed to go back and do a full PS5 version.”

Why PSVR 2 not being backwards compatible isn’t always a bad thing

While it seems like an odd take, McDonald explained to how the team at Enhance is using the lack of backwards compatibility as an opportunity to improve their games ready for their debut on PSVR 2:

The awesome thing is that it’s kind of the excuse we needed to go back and do a full PS5 version. We’re really excited because ‘superficial’ things like resolution and framerate really matter in games like Tetris Effect: Connected and Rez Infinite, where sound and visuals sync and the crispness of it are extremely important and a big part of the experience.

Tetris Effect: Connected and Rez Infinite aren’t the only games that will be altered for their PSVR 2 debut. Moss and Moss Book II will both be getting controller adjustments to account for the loss of the lightbar from the DualShock 4 controller. Song in the Smoke and Pistol Whip will also be making use of the new Sense controllers. The downside is that several of these games will not have a free or discounted upgrade path.