Warframe Prime Overview: Meet Limbo Prime

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Warframe has become an incredibly popular free-to-play action/RPG/MMO amalgamation of genres since its beta days in late 2012, and subsequent release as a launch title on the PlayStation 4. Developer Digital Extremes is always busy cooking up new Prime variants of existing Warframes, the biomechanical, remotely controlled suits which each harness different powers. The newest addition, Limbo Prime, has been released, and we have an overview of its Rift-opening abilities via our impressions below. Read on for more, as well as a link to enter for your chance to win a Limbo Prime of your very own!

Breaking Through

Every now and then, a Warframe comes along and brings with it major tactical options in Warframe. The original Limbo was one such Warframe. Limbo includes four abilities, as with other Warframes, but also the key Rift Walk passive ability. By performing a roll, Limbo enters the Rift, which is another plane of existence indicated by special effects onscreen, and muffled sound effects. Physical attacks from within the Rift cannot affect beings outside of the Rift, and vice versa. However, Warframe abilities can still affect enemies and allies across planes. This single mechanic provides for many more tactical options, such as quickly escaping to a safe area if low on health, or using other abilities within the Rift to attack essentially defenseless enemies.

The Banish ability deals a couple hundred damage to its target, as well as switching which plane of existence that target is sent to, assuming the damage doesn’t kill them first! Stasis freezes enemies caught inside the Rift, opening them up to attacks they cannot defend against. The Rift Surge ability turns enemies hit by this move into walking bombs – if a charged enemy leaves the Rift, a radial Banish is performed, which could draw more enemies into the Rift, damaging them along the way. Finally, the Cataclysm ability creates a large sphere which serves as a portal to the Rift realm. This essentially creates a large buffer zone of no outside damage, and is especially useful during defense missions.

limbo prime

Limbo Prime brings with it improvements from the original Limbo Warframe. The stasis ability used to prevent teammates’ projectile weapons from damaging afflicted enemies, but that no longer applies with Limbo Prime. This will hopefully prevent players from abusing the ability, which could be a cause of annoyance for other players who prefer to attack from a distance (enemies placed in the Rift could only be attacked via melee and Warframe abilities outside the Rift).

Limbo Prime includes the abilities of Limbo, but with increased shields and health, plus extra mod polarities – special indicators on a “card” slot which, when used with a mod of the same polarity, decrease that mod’s resource usage. Strategic placement of mods can stretch the energy budget of a given Warframe, which is especially helpful in all stages of a Warframe’s evolution.

Walk These Planes

What’s it like to play as Limbo Prime? In a word, badass. Limbo doesn’t have the highest shield or health numbers, but when rolling out of harm’s way is almost always an option, failure should be a rare occurrence for anyone controlling this warrior. The Banish ability outright kills weaker enemies, and combining the proper mods ensures that the powerful Cataclysm ability will stay active long enough to make a huge difference in defense missions. Limbo Prime is perfect for those who love to mix and match abilities, and the tweaking of the Stasis ability means that other players won’t have to alter their playstyles to join a squad with the Warframe. New players may consider this Prime as their first if they find they can’t run away from enemies quickly enough when low on health.

Thinking of obtaining a Limbo Prime Warframe of your own? Limbo Prime can be earned via intense farming, as is always the case in Warframe. In fact, the following items can all currently be farmed via in-game relics by simply completing enough missions: Limbo Prime itself, the Destreza Prime rapier, Pyrana Prime pistol, as well as another Warframe, Frost Prime. Alternatively, Limbo Prime can purchased outright for $79.99. If that sounds pricey, consider the following: the bundle also includes 2,625 Platinum. For those who do not know, that’s Warframe’s premium currency, good for a whole lot of weapons, skins, helmets, and other in-game goodies. Not including Limbo Prime, just this much Platinum alone would cost around $130. Prime versions of the Warframe’s secondary weapon and his rapier, as well as a handful of exclusive profile icons, are also included in this bundle.

Warframe Limbo Prime Giveaway

A separate Limbo Prime Accessories Pack can also be purchased separately, for $59.99. This pack mostly serves as a discounted Platinum pack, with some themed extras – the 1,365 Platinum it includes would normally cost around $70. The accessories pack also includes an Oblivia Prime Syandana and a Rift Walker Prime Sigil, which serve as decorative equipment, and finally 90-day affinity (experience) and credits boosters.

What do you make of this latest Prime to hit Warframe? Are you able to hunker down and grind the resources you need to forge the needed blueprints, or are you okay with plopping down the cash to purchase the Prime outright? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our exclusive contest for a shot at winning a Limbo Prime of your own, or other enticing Warframe prizes!