Cyberpunk 2077’s Technology Explored in Frame by Frame Trailer Analysis

Considering the wait for the game may be long, CD Projekt RED can’t offer many more Cyberpunk 2077 details. Perhaps this explains the team’s decision to keep returning to the explosive E3 2018 trailer. With a frame by frame analysis of the trailer, the studio effectively reveals additional information without giving too much away. If nothing else, this is a clever marketing strategy.

A recent post on the game’s official blog delves deeper into the world’s futuristic technology. Cybernetics aren’t solely used to enhance the quality of life in Cyberpunk 2077. This technology also function as a means to offer the less fortunate a glimpse at another life.

The image below, which appears at the trailer’s 1:01 mark, depicts Lizzy Wizzy. According to the post, she’s “a modern and controversial star, head of the band Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves, where she’s the only human member.” If fans, or anyone else, want to experience life Lizzy Wizzy’s life, all they require is technology called “braindance.”

cyberpunk 2077 technology

The blog post elaborates,

“On one hand, poverty and homelessness are real problems in Night City. On the other, the life of luxury and showbusiness are thriving. Advances in technology allow for sharing memories and emotions, using only a small piece of tech — braindance. It enhances consumed mass media and, in many cases, leads to braindance addiction as people crave the life of luxury. Actors are hired specifically to perform these superficial memories, and celebrities are completely stripped of privacy as everyone can ‘become’ them with the use of braindance. The demand for extremes also opens up an entirely new range of products you can find on the Night City black market.”

How Cyberpunk 2077 explores such a momentary reprieve remains to be seen. Regardless, this fascinating tidbit, minor though it may be, offers further insight into this unique world. Furthermore, it is exemplary of CD Projekt RED’s dedication to detail and world-building. Other blog posts go into similar detail; the previous entry focuses on sociopolitical issues in Night City. Evidently, there is plenty more to learn about the game as the wait for its release continues on.

[Source: Cyberpunk Blog]