New Onrush Patch 2.0 Out Now for PS4, Includes Character Outfits

Vehicular combat game, Onrush, has seen some moderate success since the game launched on June 5, 2018. Currently sitting at a 77 for PS4 on Metacritic and a 78 on OpenCrtic, Onrush combines some of the best elements of racers like Burnout, Need for Speed, and Twisted Metal into a compelling, high-speed, chaotic arcade racer. Though it launched in a relatively playable state, Onrush did suffer from both bugs and a few missing features. But thanks to a recent patch, Onrush seems to be getting the attention it needs to propel it to the top of the racing genre. Developers Codemasters have recently detailed what’s in the new Onrush patch. Head to the official game’s forum page to read the full list and more, or check it out below.

  • Training Mode – Hone your skills with each of the 8 vehicle classes in the high-score training mode.
  • New Gear – 12 New Epic Character Outfits to unlock.
  • Enhanced Photomode – Time of Day control, Advanced Filters and more.
  • Quicker Respawns – Get back into the action more quickly with a shorter vehicle select timer.
  • Revenge Takedowns – New Revenge takedown type when you get payback on a rival player.
  • Tombstones – Community competition-winning designs & 72 new flags added.
  • Improved OSD – Lots of little improvements including notification arrows on Lockdown & Switch modes.
  • Settings – New UI HDR Brightness and Tags options.
  • Stability & performance improvements.
  • Various Bug Fixes.

In our review of the game, we gave it a 7.5/10, saying, “They’ve promised that as well as that ranked mode, new content and features will roll out to players going forward and if they make the right steps, Onrush could end up being an absolutely huge deal. At launch though, it serves as a great taste of what could be, even if it could go with just a little bit more fuel in the tank.”

[Source: Official Forums]