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Summer Games Done Quick Allows Players to Vote on New Prey: Mooncrash Skin

The yearly Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon is currently taking place on Twitch, and while the folks behind it are busy racking up tons of money for charity, players watching can also participate by getting the chance to pick a new skin for the upcoming Typhon Hunter update for Prey: Mooncrash.

To add some context, tonight at 7:17 pm EST, Summer Games Done Quick will begin its Prey speedrun, and players donations will determine which operator skin makes it into the DLC. All donating players have to do is determine whether or not the speedrunner will be killing or saving the Typhon, a clever reference to killing or saving the animals at the end of Super Metroid.

Whichever skin ends up winning will be added to the Typhon Hunter multiplayer mode, so make sure to vote and donate some money to a good cause at the same time. In the meantime, let us know below if you’ve been checking out Summer Games Done Quick and if you plan on donating.