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EA Vancouver’s Star Wars Team Includes Sleeping Dogs and Prototype Devs

Electronic Arts Vancouver’s upcoming Star Wars game, which the studio took over following Visceral’s closure, is being developed by a team that comprises of Sleeping Dogs and Prototype veterans among others. This was revealed by Motive Studios’ general manager Jade Raymond in an interview with Game Informer, during which she was asked what made Vancouver the right team to work on an open-world Star Wars game considering its background in sports titles.

Raymond said that Vancouver was already co-developing Ragtag (Amy Hennig‘s project) and has a “super, super strong” core team that has previously worked on “non-sports stuff” in addition to new hires. “There are people who worked on Sleeping Dogs, a bunch of people who worked on Prototype, some who worked on a new IP that was kind of open world,” she explained. “So, there is a mix of people from the original team and people who we supplemented.”

When Game Informer asked Raymond if Vancouver planned to salvage some of the work from Hennig’s project, she declined to share any details but did say that there are “three terabytes” of artwork and a lot of “really good work” that’s worth using. “There’s the goal of making sure we use all that,” she revealed.

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