PSVR Game Apex Construct Gets Physical Release Date

PSVR games getting physical releases, especially the smaller titles, already seems like an antiquated oddity. Not so when it comes to first-person adventure Apex Construct, which will be heading to North American retailers on July 31.

The game, which tells the story of the last living human in the most gorgeous post-apocalyptic world this side of, well, anything, is a bespoke PSVR game that launched back in February to some acclaim.

Our very own Apex Construct review also heaped praise on the title and, should you want to pick it up come the end of the month, it’ll set you back $29.99.

“Even with the occasional boneheaded design choice, there’s still so much that Apex Construct does right. The absorbing level design, outstanding voice acting, and competitive combat all prove to be fantastic uses of PlayStation VR. Ultimately, the game feels like a very promising glimpse into the potential future of the platform. Even with its wrinkles, this adventure exemplifies what VR experiences could be on PlayStation.”

So, if you haven’t got to grips with Perp Games’ unique title already. July 31 is a good a time as any to right that wrong, pick up your bow and arrow and get exploring. It’s what PSVR was made for.