Shenmue III Celebrating Backer Surveys with Cute Little Trailer

There are already many, many people who have backed the project Shenmue III on Kickstarter. The project is going to receive a survey soon, which gives you a chance to select your T-shirt size and share other details depending upon the tier you’ve selected. Celebrating the survey, the devs Ys Net released the adorable clip you can see above. The footage features one of the game’s characters: Rin.

Naturally, this particular scene won’t be part of the game, but it’s good to know that they are making progress and clearly feel confident about the remainder of the development process.

If you have backed the game, but still haven’t received your survey, do not fret; it will arrive soon. Meanwhile, backers have September 30 to fill out all of the detail. After that, Yu Suzuki and the devs are going to enter the final phase of the project ahead of launch next year. So, if you are truly excited about this game, even this small news should encourage you that things are just fine.

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In addition to all of that, the series creator Yu Suzuki revealed that they are planning to leave Shenmue III open so that a sequel can follow after that. So, yeah, Shenmue 4 is almost certainly on the way, as soon as the third installment is out.

[Source: Push Square]