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Best PS4 Indie Games and Studios – Happy Independence Day

It’s Independence Day, so in honor of America declaring independence from British rule nearly 250 years ago, we’re highly those studios and games that have declared liberty from publishers. Our list of best PS4 indie games and studios looks at a great bunch of titles and developers that have created amazing and unique experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

We know that this list is by no means exhaustive. It’s near impossible to list out every single great indie game out there, and then there’s diving into the nuances of what is actually considered indie. I mean, technically The Witcher 3 is indie, but the heaps of praise and accolades, we hardly felt that the massive RPG needed to take up a spot on this list. Likewise, Devolver Digital is a publisher for more off-the-wall indie style games, but they aren’t technically indie anymore because of that publisher backing (at least one Devolver game still landed on this list).

With that, these are just some of the best PS4 indies that you can find. Each one is worth downloading and trying out if you want an experience that is creatively unconstrained. Many are thought-provoking and new takes on familiar ideas, and almost all of them will leave you thinking about them long after you’ve finished.

Enjoy the best PS4 indie games, and happy Fourth of July!

Best PS4 Indie Games and Studios

Do you agree with our list of the best PS4 indie games and studios? Which indie games would you add? There are tons of indies out there, and we’re sure you’ve got some suggestions of your own to add to this list, so feel free to add your favorite indie games into the comments below.

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