Manage a School for Heroes in Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

PQube has been in the news lately for odd reasons, but don’t let that distract you too much. PQube and developer AGATE have a new game on deck called Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. It’s all about running a school for heroes, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC later this year.

The world of Valthirian is full of bad guys and monsters, and somebody needs to do something about it. So, the player takes on the role of a principal, newly hired to build and run an academy to train students how to be heroes.

Running the school leads to sending the students out on quests and adventures. If they make it back successfully, they’ll not only get stronger, but also bring back loot that can in turn be used to improve the school. Improving the school by enhancing buildings and adding new facilities will of course lead to stronger students. But as the school grows in power and influence, you’ll have to be careful not to end up getting involved in the local politics.

Here’s the key features, per a press release from PQube:

  • Take control of a school for heroes and manage the facility to train the finest students.

  • Build up your school from small faculty to prestigious and influential academy.

  • Construct, then improve numerous buildings from classrooms and cafeterias, to training grounds and dormitories.

  • Over 20 different buildings and facilities to research and develop your teams.

  • Starting as apprentices, students can train in 9 different specialist classes.

  • Send out students to complete quests and control them directly in the field.

  • Real time battles – switch between character classes to better outsmart the enemy.

  • Loot and materials form mission can be used to improve your academy and create, forge and craft all new weapons and armor.