God Wars Expansion The Labyrinth of Yomi Coming in September

NIS America has announced that a new God Wars expansion, called The Labyrinth of Yomi, is coming this summer to add a whole ton of new content to God Wars Future Past. This update, which is a separate purchase that requires the full game, adds a new storyline, new characters, and more to an already packed game. It also technically changes the game’s full title to God Wars The Complete Legend.

Paired with the announcement, NIS America dropped a new trailer introducing The Labyrinth of Yomi, which can be viewed above. In the trailer, we see a hint of what to expect, including allusions that the expansion serves as a “true ending.” We also see that in addition to the new content, which includes multiple endings and recruitable enemy characters, it also looks like the speed of combat can be increased somehow.

The trailer of course advertises the Nintendo Switch version, as God Wars The Complete Legend is launching for the Switch as a single release. Meanwhile, owners of God Wars Future Past for the PlayStation 4 or Vita, originally released last year, will be able to purchase The Labyrinth of Yomi for $19.99 when everything launches on September 4 (August 31 in Europe).