EA: All Star Wars Fans Wish to be the No. 1 Star Wars Fan

Yes, I can vouch for that. EA recently found that all Star Wars fans want to be the number one Star Wars fan. It sounds kind of ridiculous, although I think it’s totally true. Jade Raymond, boss of EA’s Motive studios, talked more on the subject. Now, EA Motive recently handled the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign. It must also be said that this studio took over what was left of Visceral’s Star Wars game and they also have new projects on the horizon. So, another Star Wars EA game perhaps? Nope, it appears that we’re talking about new IPs here. Raymond did talk about that in an interview last week.

Since the publisher is set on making the most out of the Star Wars franchise, EA is keen to understand the motivation of players, especially Star Wars aficionados. During a presentation at the Develop conference in Brighton (UK), Jade Raymond said that fans want to enhance knowledge of the Star Wars universe even more. This is their main motivation to engage a product that’s Star Wars related. They subsequently want to dazzle their friends with this knowledge.

Raymond is also working on a Star Wars video game strategy at EA, and she was asked about what it takes to create a great Star Wars game.

“You do have to hit Star Wars fans’ expectations. Star Wars fans look for authenticity. That’s super super important,” said Raymond.

She added: “And actually, interestingly enough, the number one motivator for either fans of playing Star Wars games or looking to participate in the Star Wars universe in any way is to become the number one fan. So, basically, to beat their friends at Star Wars trivia. It’s funny, but the number one motivator for most people is that I could, if I do this, I will learn a new little tidbit – it’s a very gamer way of thinking! – about the universe that I can then lord over my friends because I knew this and you didn’t, right? I know it seems funny, but we’ve spent a lot of time talking to Star Wars fans and Star Wars gamers, and that’s the number one motivator for everyone: learning more so they can be the number one expert.”

So, let me ask you guys a question: who is the number one Star Wars fan?

[Source: Eurogamer.net]