Days Gone Developer Sony Bend Hiring for New AAA IP

Days Gone isn’t even here yet and its developer Sony Bend is already looking beyond the zombie apocalypse title’s 2019 release. That’s because it’s posted a job listing wherein the studio is looking for a Senior Concept Artist for a brand-new AAA IP. Uh-oh.

While it may be rash to speculate, the job posting specifically states a ‘new IP’ and, though the studio may be able to work on that and any potential Days Gone sequel simultaneously, that scenario is pretty unlikely. After all, how many developers can you think of that have worked on two big budget titles at once?

Of course, at this early stage, not much is known about the new project at Sony Bend. There is one teasing line of description, though, that hints at the game utilizing color in a meaningful way, as candidates must be ‘Responsible for creating concept art that dictates the lighting and color palette throughout the game.  This is integral to the entire game, and includes creating color keys for the environments, characters, and cinematics that match the emotional intention of the game design and story beats.’

The developer of the likes of Syphon Filter and Uncharted: Golden Abyss may be completely changing tack for its new IP, rejecting the dark and gritty for the vivid and bright. I’m getting serious LittleBigPlanet platforming vibes from this one for some strange reason. What do you make of it?

[Source: Greenhouse]