Madden 19’s Cover Athlete, Antonio Brown Is Uniquely Depicted

It’s that time of year again when EA Sports reveals the cover of Madden 19. While the Hall of Fame edition was already reported to have Terrell Owens on the cover, the standard edition was revealed today, and it’s Antonio Brown, a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Widely considered the best wide receiver in the NFL, Brown takes his rightful place among the other legends who have graced covers prior.

Interestingly enough, the cover doesn’t depict Brown as an aggressive wide receiver mid-catch, but instead mid-laugh. The cover has Brown posed as a joyous athlete. He stands in front of a vibrant, Pittsburg yellow background. His helmet is in his hand and his arms are down. This is perhaps the most lighthearted cover in Madden history and the first cover to feature an athlete sans helmet with no football in sight. This art direction makes sense considering the fact that, in addition to his skills as an athlete, is most known for his elaborate touch down celebrations (who could forget that touchdown twerk). The EA Sports team shows off Brown’s talent and personality in their Madden Cover video here:

Madden 19 comes out August 10th for PS4, Xbox One, and for the first time in a long time, PC.

[Source: Dualshockers]