PSN Cards Reappear on Amazon After Long Absence

Despite Amazon and Sony’s ongoing Mexican standoff as of late, the retailer and console giant appear to have reached at impasse, at least when it comes to the sale of PSN cards.

After what feels like an eternity (but probably just a few months, in all honesty) PSN cards, which allow you to top up your wallet on the PSN store in-browser or on your console, are now back on Amazon, and ripe for the picking. There’s the $50 PSN card, for those who want to splurge and don’t already have an empty wallet after Prime Day 2018. Not only that, but there’s also a returning $20 PSN card, plus a $10 PSN card.

Fill your boots, especially those abroad who know, as I well do, that the almighty dollar offers the best bang for your buck, pun absolutely intended, when purchasing from the PlayStation store.

Not only has buying PSN cards now gotten a whole lot less stressful, we could be seeing the first signs of the light breaking through and tensions simmering in a possible Amazon/Sony feud that has threatened to boil over. This has spread to the UK, too, where first-party Sony games have gone the way of the dodo in recent weeks. But, y’know, in case things go south again, make sure you get as many (stackable) US PSN cards as you can.