Unexplored Unlocked Edition PS4

Explore Unexplored: Unlocked Edition PS4, Launching This Summer

Digerati Distribution has been busy lately publishing a slew of games including the two Bleed games, the upcoming Fall of Light: Darkness Edition, Slain: Back From Hell, and many more. And the indie publisher seems intent on staying busy, as it’s just announced that it’s partnering with Netherlands-based developer Ludomotion to port the roguelite Unexplored: Unlocked Edition  to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this summer. Check out the announcement trailer below.

According to a press release, “Descend into the depths of the Dungeon of Doom and complete your quest: steal the Amulet of Yendor from the fearsome dragon and make it out alive. Unexplored is the roguelite that feels like a roguelike. An accessible yet challenging [action-RPG] that has won praise for its revolutionary level generation tech. Explore dangerous dungeons, forge magical items, solve mysterious puzzles and battle hundreds of foes. Unexplored: Unlocked Edition includes the main game and its three DLC packs: Mithril Run, Ripley Run, and The Dark Ritual.” The full list of the game’s features is below:

  • Explore the ever-changing Dungeon of Doom – no two runs the same
  • Intense melee combat – fight against goblins, trolls, skeletons, wyrms and many more creatures and bosses
  • Stealth mechanics – dungeon-crawl like a real rogue!
  • Real emergent gameplay with many tactical options
  • Challenging, generated puzzles await on every new run
  • 7 distinctive character classes to unlock and master: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Archer, Cleric, Barbarian, Musketeer
  • Adaptive, original soundtrack complements the action
  • Mithril Run DLC: Explore the dark abandoned mines of Moryondor and escape with as much gold and treasure possible
  • Ripley Run DLC: Armed with your trusty repeater crossbow, face off against a horde of alien Creeps
  • The Dark Ritual DLC: Stop a group of cultists summoning The Great Old One in this Cthulhu-esque mystery

Unexplored: Unlocked Edition will explore Nintendo Switch on August 9, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to follow sometime after.