Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Puts Adorable Platforming in 360 Degree VR

Developed by Japan studio, Astro Bot Resuce Mission is a PSVR exclusive platformer that invites you on an adventure across 26 levels featuring 360 degree VR visuals. You team up with Astro, the lead character and captain of a spaceship full of adorable robots. Together it’s your job to rescue his crew. You play as Astro, controlling him with the PS4 Dualshock controller. At the same time, you play as yourself, interacting with the environment in a God-like manner. This combinations of interactions and the fact that varied perspectives available due to VR are meant to maximize this platforms potential while creating a unique experience for platforming fans. The vibrant and cute art style looks is akin to a Pixar film (Wall-E vibes anyone?). So I for one am excited.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission will have both a physical and digital release. The game will cost $39.99 and pre-order are open today. Preorder bonuses include as follows:

  • Astro Bot avatars
  • A dynamic theme
  • The full digital soundtrack

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Launches on PlayStation VR October 2nd in North America and October 3rd for Europe. Will you be taking on this mission? Let us know in the comments and be sure to add in your favorite PSVR platformer.