Suspense Abounds in Found Footage Gameplay Trailer for S.O.N

Developer RedG Studios has launched the second official gameplay trailer for S.O.N. A psychological survival horror game, S.O.N follows Robert Alderson on a desperate search to find his son, Jay, who went missing in South of Nowhere, a mysterious area of the Pennsylvanian forest, Clarencaster.

According to the trailer description on PlayStation’s YouTube channel, the video above was captured by a character named Dylan Shuss. Shuss, too, took a trip to South of Nowhere, searching for his missing daughter, Tammy. The father’s hunt for answers began in February of 1996. However, three months later, this footage was discovered.

Players will control Robert, who RedG’s website describes as “an unemployed, hard nosed, old school father who drowns out his past demons with alcohol.” Once his son, Jay, is abducted from their home, Robert does whatever it takes to find his child.

In the south of the fictional forest Clarencaster lies an area known as South of Nowhere. In 2018 alone, nearly 650 people have been lost to Clarencaster’s 300,000 acres. Such horror garners Clarencaster the title of “the most dangerous area in the world.”

Little else is known about S.O.N and its horrifying setting. However, based on the newly released gameplay footage, it seemingly takes inspiration from the likes of SlenderP.T., and Red Barrels’ Outlast series.

The game is due out later this year on December 11 and will release exclusively on PlayStation 4.