Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes Are Here: Playground Mode, Compact SMG and More

Ya know there’s “tiny” game called Fortnite and the official word is that it has accumulated quite a lot of cash, and now they are predicting that Battle Royale games are going to accumulate even more – well, 20 million, to be more precise. Epic Games has just released the Fortnite 5.1 patch notes. So, while you’re downloading the update you can go through all the changes an improvements that come with it.

Now, even though the 5.0 patch was quite huge, the latest Fortnite update does bring some cool new features into play, in addition to the return of the Playground mode (adored by so many fans in the past). Coupled with the Private Match mode, the developers are giving players access to the brand new compact SMG and Founders Pack skins. Alrighty, now let’s get down to the actual Fortnite 5.1 patch notes highlights

Fortnite 5.1 Patch Notes Update Highlights


  • New default keybindings for new players.
    • All keyboard layouts will continue to default to the QWERTY bindings for new players or those who reset their back to default.
  • Changed countdown timers to display more useful information
    • Shows hours left instead of days when under 72 hours.
    • Shows hours:minutes: seconds left when below 13 hours.
  • Changed the background of the loading screen bullet points area to be partially translucent.
  • Removed the “static noise” when switching tabs.
  • The “Restore” button has been removed from the settings screen. Also, the “Reset Defaults” button has been renamed to “Reset”.
    • Leaving the settings screen before applying changes will give the option to apply changes and exit or discard changes and exit.
  • Double clicks now register as two clicks on a button, allowing for faster navigation through Next/Previous type buttons

Bug Fixes

  • Items on the ground will properly have their stack counts updated if the stack size changes while the player is currently looking at them.
  • Fixed a frame delay on some text layouts, which would cause large blocks of text to reflow their wrapping one frame after seeing them.
  • Corrected text shadows that were appearing incorrectly in certain areas of the UI.

This is a game that’s so popular that someone sat down to make a LEGO version of it, and ya know what, it looks awesome.

How many of you are actually playing the game now? Just thought I’d ask. Are you enjoying it, or do you feel like it could see even more improvements?

[Source: Epic Games]