Mega Man X Legacy Collection has Latency Issues

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection is out, which contains all eight core Mega Man X games across one or two releases, depending on how you buy it. People are enjoying it for the most part, considering the unstable, albeit historic past of the series. But while most Mega Man fans can sit down with this new set and enjoy it, the more hardcore sect of the fanbase might have a reason to be unhappy.

Twitter user Nigel Woodall, who prides himself as a latency measurement expert, got his hands on Mega Man X Legacy Collection and has begun to post his findings. Using a setup designed explicitly for this purpose, Woodall engineered a direct comparison between Mega Man X running on a PlayStation 4, and Mega Man X running on Nintendo’s SNES Classic. The results are pretty surprising for a collection straight from Capcom.

While Mega Man X runs on the Snes Classic with a 62.4 ms delay (which is kinda problematic already), the game runs on PS4 with around double the latency, at 123.7 ms. Considering the quality of Capcom’s previous collections, this might be a sticking point for some fans.

Woodall posted a video of his setup on YouTube, showing tangible evidence of the problem. You can see, clear as day, Mega Man X reacting to inputs much slower than on the SNES Classic. It’s worth noting that he has only tested the SNES Classic versus the PS4, and not other versions of the collection, or the original on SNES hardware. So for now, it’s unclear if this is a hardware issue, emulation issue, or something else.

[Source: Nigel Woodall via Twitter]