Standard and Collector’s Edition Strategy Guides Revealed for Red Dead Redemption 2

The incredibly long wait for Red Dead Redemption 2’s release nears an end. Recently, an announcement for the prequel’s various collector’s editions set the internet ablaze. This ire has been geared towards the most expensive edition, dubbed the “Collector’s Box,” being absent an actual copy of the game. Luckily, similar issues shouldn’t plague the release Red Dead Redemption 2’s strategy guides. However, they, too, will launch with standard and collector’s editions.

Piggyback, the publisher behind The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Final Fantasy XV strategy guides, will publish the books. Each of the two works is a “essential companion” to exploration in the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption follow-up. Both mostly consist of the same content; however, the materials that put it all together will differ.

The standard edition costs $25 USD and features,

…essential information about every mission, character and feature of this vast and detailed world, the Standard Edition includes an at-a-glance walkthrough, dedicated maps chapter, comprehensive reference sections, and an all-encompassing index

The collector’s edition is a bit pricier, running $45 USD. Its contents mirror the cheaper version, but is bound in a hardcover and “printed on superior quality art paper.” Additionally, the collector’s edition “includes an exclusive character art gallery” not present in the standard version. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 strategy guide

These two guides are currently available for preorder through Rockstar’s store, Rockstar Warehouse, and release on the same date as Red Dead Redemption 2. The next chapter in Rockstar’s tales of the American Wild West launches later this fall on October 26.

[Source via Just Push Start]